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Extream Security Participates In The CNBC Cambridge Cyber Summit

Extream Security Participates In The CNBC  Cambridge Cyber Summit

Cyberwars continue to escalate by the moment, leaving individuals, governments and global  enterprises at risk for hacking and unprecedented cyberattacks.

According to the Global Risks Report made by the World Economic Forum, the cyberattacks of  2016 cost the global economy $445 billion, which was more than the market cap of large online  corporations such as Amazon and Facebook. This includes the devastating hacking that was  made to the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 Presidential Election.

A new reality has dawned worldwide upon individuals, governments and corporations being  vulnerable to new and stronger threats to their online security. Hackers today have an easy  access to malware that could potentially ruin the lives of people, and leave their personal  information available to anyone on the Internet.

Because of this escalating growth in cyberattacks, Extream Security was honored to participate  in the 2016 Inagural Cambridge Cyber Summit. The event was co-sponsored by CNBC, in  partnership with the Aspen Institute and MIT, and brought together law enforcement and  government leaders, such as the FBI, NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, as well as private  sectors such as SAP, IBM and Akamai, to discuss the risks of cyberattacks and the future of  online security.

It’s important that both individuals and corporations knows how to protect themselves from  potential breaches of their personal information. Extream Security is here to help mitigate the  risk of cyber crimes for your organization. For more details, please contact our experts at


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