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Global cybercrime costs will exceed $6 Trillion In 2021

Global cybercrime costs will exceed $6 Trillion In  2021

The security firm Herjavec Group recently sponsored a Cybersecurity Ventures report which  revealed that the global cybersecurity defense costs will exceed by $6 trillion by the year of  2021. The cost is going to be more than double of the annual cybercrime costs of 2015, where  the healthcare industry topped the list of industries that suffered the most from cyberattacks,  followed by manufacturing and financial services. It also be worth mentioning that the  Cybersecurity Ventures report may even be understated due to that it doesn’t include other vital  factors, such as the rate of unreported cybercrimes, legal and public relations fees, loss of  competitive advantage, or ongoing investigations to trace stolen data and money.

Criminals on the web are becoming an issue for both individuals and corporations who wants to  keep their online information safe from hacking. Trafficking of weapons and drugs are already  happening in hidden places on the Internet. and even the more old-fashioned criminals have  decided to move their business to the Internet to find easy targets online.

Because of this report, people need to be extra aware to not lose valuable information and  finances via hacking. The Extream Security team is made up from cyber security experts who  offers their customers a wide range of services, so that your personal information will always be  secured from both cyberattacks and the extra costs that comes along with it.

Extream Security is here to help mitigate the risk of cyber crimes for your organization and help  you avoid the extra costs that comes along with the rising amount of cyberattacks that are  happening across the globe. Please contact one of our experts at  for more information.


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