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IoT Devices: Biggest weak link in your home security.

IoT Devices:   Biggest weak link in your home security.

Internet connected devices, also known as “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices are all running at risk for security breaches and hacking. During last year’s massive cyberattack on Dyn’s domain, society was woken up to a disturbing truth that all of our regular IoT devices, such as home security units and other Internet connected appliances, are vulnerable for potential hacking.

What Are IoTs?

Internet routers, DVR’s and security cameras are all IoT devices that can be hacked or used by bad actors to gain valuable information. While this criminal activity have been known to society for years, many people may not know that IoT devices could be enlisted by hackers at anytime and can be used to bring down businesses and reveal classified information to anyone on the Internet.

According to the Washington Journal, what happened in the hacking of Dyn’s domain is that the cyber attack had been planned and built up over the course of several months, without people noticing that their devices had been enlisted to a criminal network. In many cases, hacking is merely used as an advertisement for cybercriminals, to let people know that they have control over your life and that they want to show off what they could do.

Gateway to IoTs

It’s important to remember that your home router is the gateway to access all of your other IoT devices. Smart devices, such as your security cameras and DVR’s, are all powerful small computers, more powerful a regular laptop, and in the hand of a professional hacker, they can be used as powerful weapons against both your home and to your business. Therefore, it’s important to remember that when you get your home router, make sure to change the password and don’t use the default password that is provided by the seller, since these are usually the easiest to use to hack your personal information.

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