Manages Security

Security Monitoring with built-in essential security tools for complete security visibility that simplifies and accelerates threat detection, incident response, and compliance management. Our all-in-one platform includes all the essential security
Capabilities your business needs, managed from a single pane of glass, working together to provide the most complete view of your security posture.

  • SIEM/Event correlation

  • NetFlow monitoring

  • 2,000+ Correlation Directives growing everyday

  • Asset Dicovery and Inventory

  • Actionalbe and relevant threat intelligence from one of the world’s leading threat research teams

  • Always on guard with continuous real time updates including new correlation directives , threat signatures, and remediation management


Monitoring all security events and staying on top of what’s important


Connect the dots Linking every asset, vulnerability, intrusion, malicious action, and remediation info for every alarm


Context A platform that ensures our security analysts have all of the puzzle pieces in one single view


Our platform coordinates threat detection, incident response and threat management with built-in security capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, and seamless workflow for rapid remediation. Consolidating threat detection capabilities like network IDS and host IDS with granular asset information, continuous vulnerability assessment, and behavioral monitoring provides a comprehensive view for timely and effective response.

Our incident response and threat management services ensure we can quickly:

  • Identify, isolate, and investigate indicators of compromise(IOCs) before damage can accur

  • Gain essential insight into attacker’s intent as well as techniques

  • Validate that existing security controls are functioning as expected

  • Correlate security events with build-in vulnerability scan data and threat intelligence to poetize response efforts

  • Respond to emerging threat through a detailed incident management approach

  • Demonstrate to auditors and management that your incident response program is robust and reliable


Our platform is designed to facilitate compliance with many common regulatory compliance requirements including PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27002, NERC CIP, and GLBA.

Our platform capabilities and services include asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, Intrusion detection, service availability monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring (FIM), that enable us to:

  • Quickly identify and resolve compliance issues

  • Quickly and automatically discover and scan assets

  • Demonstrate compliance with realtime security control evaluation

  • Provide flexible reporting and detailed executive dashboards

  • Stay on top of threats with host and network IDS for continuous threat detection

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