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Security and Risk Services team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security and compliance experts. Our team provides the expertise and analysis to help you enhance your IT security posture, mitigate information security risks, and ensure compliance.


Penetration testing is a cyber security best practice that helps ensure that IT environments are properly secured and vulnerabilities are appropriately patched. A penetration test seeks to determine whether and how a malicious user can gain unauthorized access to information assets. For over a decade we has performed penetration tests to help organizations uncover hidden security vulnerabilities. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for ensuing the security of your systems.

Cyber Security

In a world of rapidly growing cybersecurity threats understanding and evaluating risk means smarter decision-making in business. IT systems face inherent risks, no matter the size of the environment. These inherent risks must be mitigated, but knowing where to focus can be a challenge.

Security Awareness Training Solutions

We provide security awareness training services that address the human element of your security environment. Our extensive range of courses and up to date content ensure that users understand their role in security and compliance and can put this knowledge into practice.

Our training offerings aim to accomplish several goals, including:


  • Empowering users so they understand security best-practices
  • Provide instructor-led and computer-based options, so users can learn anytime and anywhere
  • Educating employees on compliance rules and regulations, for example PCI and HIPAA
  • Instilling a culture of accountability

Our offering includes:


  • Online Security Awareness Training
  • Instructor-led classes with direct access to subject matter experts
  • Continuous awareness communication programs
  • Security awareness posters and screen savers


Our Incident Response team provide proactive and reactive services to mitigate unauthorized and unintended exposure of confidential data. We leverage decades of experience, proprietary technology, and leading investigative techniques. Our process is designed to identify compromised assets, stop on-going contagion, identify the scope of the breach, and return the network to normal operating condition.

Planning and Analysis

Incident Responses Readiness Testing

Incident Management

Incident Response Retainer Services

Cloud security

Security is at the forefront of any cloud deployment. The added risk of cloud environments can be a significant burden to the enterprise. No matter the size of your organization designing your cloud with security from the start will better protect your environment and reduce your overall risk exposure.

Our cloud services include:


  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Risk Assessments
  • Secure Your Applications and Data
  • Test Your Cloud Security
  • Manage Compliance


Our Managed IT services team helps IT executive’s deliver full lifecycle management effectively and efficiently. We handle all or part of your IT management needs collaboratively with your internal IT resources.

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